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What and why

Share from Youtube, Soundcloud and more...

Adio Clips & Collections allow anyone to embrace the age of curation by mixing & sharing video & audio from the biggest online platforms.

Beautifully packaged and simply shareable, Adio Collections allow your passion & knowledge to be used to create rich media experiences and stories.

Further than this, simple sharing options and the ability to embed our unique Adio players on any site, make it easy to share the things you love with everyone.

Who we are

Mark Rock
Mark is the head honcho, Adio’s CEO and rarely seen without neon cycling gear and a bag of fresh veg to motivate his team. Previously he founded the successful Audioboom, which counted the BBC and Stephen Fry as advocates. But pastures new beckoned, thus Adio was born.
Jeremy Chu
Jeremy is our CTO ninja, holding Adio together in a master web of indecipherable code and mental expertise. Often working under the cover of darkness, we’ll regularly awake to news of overnight transformations. A software engineer who makes anything seem possible.
Amit Patel
Product Manager
Amit is the big dog, Product Manager extraordinaire at Adio. As much a fan of sharpies, post-its and Omnigraffle as he is of rare trainers. Sorry, sneakers (he’s Canadian you see). Amit has spent the last five years working in project management for Crossrail and has brought an analysts precision to Adio.
Samuel Hill
Web Developer
Sam is our Web Developer whizz at large. Currently heading up the Dubai office (ahem) his daily weather reports regularly leave us a touch green. With a number of years at Apple, Sam’s an invaluable cross-seas comrade for Adio, who does the work before we realise it needs done.

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